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Novak Djokovic has won his court battle to stay in Australia…for now.

The tennis star was detained after arriving in Australia and finding that his visa had been cancelled. The tennis star who has been associated with an anti-vaccination stance, claimed that he met medical exemptions due to previous contagion with the Covid-19 virus…his appeal has been, at this time, upheld.


However, lawyers for the authorities have threatened to use legal means to overturn a Judge’s decision as:


The government’s lawyers have warned that Australia’s immigration minister has the executive power to overturn the court’s decision.

The main points of the ruling by the Australian are:


  1. The government’s decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa is “quashed”, that is overturned
  2. The government will pay Djokovic’s legal costs
  3. Djokovic will be released from detention immediately. Such release must occur by no later than 30 minutes within the making of this order,” said Judge Anthony Kelly
  4. Djokovic’s passport and personal items are to be returned to him immediately.


Will This Be Overturned?


Likely, yes…However, this will bring risks of it’s own.

To overturn a Federal Court ruling will show a contempt for rule of law. As such, this could expose Australia to further scorn and media berating. It would likely damage the standing of Australia on the Tennis World Stage, and give ammunition to it’s detractors.

For now, however, Djokovic is basking in a legal victory. The question is…For how long?

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