Following the murder of Sir David Amess, MPs could be offered extra security according to a report in Metro. It is understood that the security would relate to public appearances.

What Did Priti Patel Say?

In revealing the latest considerations, Home Secretary Priti Patel revealed that police could be used in future to guard entrances to an MP’s surgery, and that there could also be measures such as scanning for weapons, if required.

Ms Patel said that the new range of security measures could be similar to what she receives as Home Secretary. However, the planned measures will not be the first that have been implemented since the attack on Sir David Amess.

Following Friday’s attack, Ms Patel mentioned that the Speaker of the House of Commons has implemented a range of measures, with the aim of safeguarding MPs.

In commenting on the the considerations, the Home Secretary said:

‘Within that there are other options that are being considered, such as when you hold your surgeries could you have officers or some kind of protection while you’re holding you surgery?..Now it’s not for me to determine the mechanism for that right now but there are discussions under way right now looking at a whole spectrum. That’s only one example, and there are others as well that are actively under consideration right now…(it is)not necessarily about new resources…(but)we will do absolutely everything to – for me and for the Government – this is about safeguarding our democracy and enabling our elected representatives to carry on doing what they do, serving the public.’

Who Was Sir David Amess?

Having been an MP since 1983, Sir David Amess was born on 26 March 1953 in Plaistow, Essex.

Amess was born as the son of James Amess, whose career was an electrician, and Maud Martin, who worked as a dressmaker. In this environment, Amess was brought up as a Catholic, and attended the following schools:

Political Career:

  • In 1982 Amess was elected councillor in London Borough of Redbridge.
  • elected Member of Parliament for Basildon on 9 June 1983
  • In June 1995, Amess was chosen for selection in Southend West following the retirement of former Cabinet minister Paul Channon.
  • Met constituents at Belfairs Methodist Church, located in Leigh-on-Sea, where he was attacked and killed.

The suspect named in the attack by media, has been identified as Ali Harbi Ali.

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