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Manchester United 1 – Crystal Palace 0


Many wondered how the Rangnick era at United would start…and it started with a win!

The much maligned Fred scored the winner just over 12 minutes from the end of normal time to give United a massive boost, into 6th position and just a few points from Champions League Places. However, how did the impact of Rangnick affect the Manchester United team..his interview was very telling.

The ‘Father’ of Gegenpress

Much has been made of Rangnick’s influence in the development of Gegenpress…apparently influencing the likes of Tuchel and Klopp.

However, in his post match interview on the BBC, attack wasn’t the most common saying that Ralf made. In fact, the term ‘Front Foot’ and associated terms, were only mentioned a couple of times.

The expected influence of pressing, or being on the Front Foot, took second place to a much more used term. What is it, and how does it affect the future style of United under Rangnick?

Repeated 6 times…

Although ‘front foot’ was only mentioned a couple of times, a different tactic was mentioned 6 times, offering a contrarian view of Rangnick’s philosophy..what was that?

In contrast to an emphasis on attacking play, the term ‘clean sheet’ or ‘clean sheets’ was mentioned 6 times, a massive increase on the use of attacking terminology!

Ralf was at great pains to say how impressed he was that the team, which he felt were likely to ship a goal or two, were able to stop the opposition scoring. How does this effect our view of his philosophy?

Not Just About Pressing…

The fact that Ralf Rangnick went to great pains to emphasise the defensive work of the team flys in the face of the view that he is all about attack.

What Ralf Rangnick is here attempting to bring to United is a balanced attack, lethal yet also responsible.

This means for United that he wants not just wanton raids on the opposition, but also the ability to respect and counter the attacking thrust of the opposition. This is a very good philosophy since at least two students of his Gegenpress method..ones who have been very successful…would likely use it to good effect against United. Rangnick has signalled that Gegenpress, whilst an important part of United’s future armoury, will be only one of the teams’ strengths.

Congratulations to Ralf Rangnick on the win..and we look forward to an entertaining yet mature United team in the future!

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