The rumours are true! Ralf Rangnick has been tasked with restoring Manchester least for the remainder of this season. However, his appointment comes with two conditions. Firstly, it is subject to a work permit. Secondly, it is with an additional two years as a consultant with the global Football brand.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how Rangnick’s last season as a coach compares with the stats for United this year.

The last time that Rangnick took over the reins on day to day coaching at a major Football club was at RB Leipzig. How do his stats there compare with the way that Manchester United have fared?


It is said that United had a policy under Ferguson that if you lost the ball in possession, you as the player, had 5 seconds to win it back. So, tackling was a key quality for Manchester United players. Has that trait continued?

In his last season in 2018-19 at Leipzig, they ranked first for tackles in the the league. Despite the tradition at United, they currently are a woeful 20th in the league for tackles. Can Rangnick improve this key area for success…the answer is a resounding yes!

Successful Pressures

Pressuring the opposition goes hand in glove with Gegenpressing. At RB Leipzig, Rangnick again excelled at this with his team. For the last season that the respected German was in charge, Leipzig again scored first place for successful pressures. However, how have United fared in this regard?

Well, at least United are not 20th in this key area? However, 19th is not much of an improvement. So, the Gegenpress will come to United..and they will undoubtedly improve as a result!

Pressures In The Final 3rd..

Putting your opposition under pressure near the goal is key to initiating errors and scoring more. So, how did Rangnick fare in this regard?

Whilst not getting Leipzig into first place, they did place a credible 2nd for pressures in the final third. Compare that to Manchester United, who are 17th, and you know that the enormous talents of Rashford, Ronaldo, and Cavani will undoubtedly see more goals for their talent with Rangnick.


Breaking down play is another area that Rangnick has much to offer in a coaching capacity. Whilst possession is not the most important skill for a high press, neutering the oppositions control is still vitally important. So, how did Rangnick fare in this regard?

Again, in his last season as a head coach, Leipzig ranked 1st for interceptions. United though, have again fared poorly, with a disappointing 19th placement.

So, in addition to pressuring the opposition, Manchester United fans can look forward to stamping their authority on the opposition..something that a global mega-team like United should be doing week in, week out.


Another key area that Rangnick will hope to improve the team is recoveries.

With Leipzig, Rangnick got the team to 1st place in this tactic. United though, have much work to do. Again, they rank a lowly 19th for recoveries. Much room for improvement..and the right coach to achieve it!

Opposition Errors Leading To Shots

Sky Sports further dug into key stats by showing how Rangnick improved Leipzig with forcing opposition errors that led to shots.

Leipzig again excelled under Rangnick’s tenure, with a first place ranking for this important skill. United, again, have failed dismally in this area, with a 20th place for this.

Goals Conceded

Our last key stat is goals conceded. It will be of no surprise to you that Rangnick again scored a first place with Leipzig in this area.

How have United fared? Well, at least they broke out of the 19th and 20th placements that have occurred in other areas. However, an 18th place standing is barely any kind of improvement. As we have seen, Rangnick will create the kind of pressure that will lead to many goals for United. However, they will also likely concede far less…making victory much less hard work for the talented Manchester outfit.

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