Covid Records

Just when you thought it was safe…records haven fallen as Omicron takes charge in, not only the Northern Hemisphere, but beyond too.

European New Daily Records….

It seemed that there were dips in Covid infection rates across Europe and beyond over the holiday period. However, those hopes have been dashed with the release of the latest figures. Take, for instance Europe:

  • England set a new daily record of 117,093 cases
  • Italy surpassed 78,000 cases..a new daily record
  • France recorded a record 179,807 cases.
  • Portugal registered a staggering 17,172
  • Greece had 21,657

And yet the infection rates are not just in Europe, where winter chills could be attributed as the raason.

Overseas Records Tumbling Too..

Australia, which has seen numerous lockdowns but modest infection rates, has seen records completely smashed in recent days. New South Wales, home of Sydney, had only just set a new daily record passing 6,000 infections, when that new record was completely obliterated…recording more than a whopping 11,000 daily cases!

Despite government advice to only get tested if you are feeling unwell, some in Sydney are being turned away from testing centres, which are unable to cope with the demand.

In the United States, records are falling too. There, cases recorded by the US CDC increased by 441,278 on 27 December – completely smashing previous case numbers reported to the agency up until this point.

Freedom Day..But Not Year?

It had been hoped that populations could learn to ‘live with the virus’, and hence ‘Freedom Day’ was born.

And, despite the Omicron variant being a ‘mild disease’, the sheer weight of numbers means that hospitalisations and deaths could still equal previous variants, even if the percentage is significantly lower.

Because of this, all eyes will be watching the figures into the New Year to see if 2022 will continue the opening up of countries and economies…or a reversion to harsher measures again.

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