Retailer Aldi plans for 2000 jobs…The international bargain grocer also plans to open another 100 stores in the UK. The additional jobs and stores form a key part of it’s £1.3bn plan to increase it’s UK market share.

What this means for London folk is that at a time when life is beginning to regain some sense of it’s original normality, that additional job options will be provided for those who are underemployed, or unemployed.

The budget set by Aldi will also be used to increase its distribution centres. The expansion will include a new 1.3m sq ft warehouse, which will be based in Leicestershire. And, if you are sick of lining up at the few checkouts open in Aldi, there will also be a trial of a checkout-free store located in the London suburb of Greenwich. This trial by Aldi, of which they are confident as to it’s viability will incorporate increased technology such as cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence in order to ensure that shoppers are charged correctly, and items scanned properly.

Retailer Aldi plans for 2000 jobs – What Is The Reason For The Expansion?

Despite being in the Uk for a while, the German grocer wants to increase it’s profile and market share in the UK. As things stand now, Aldi is only fifth in rank of supermarkets. However, it does employ 38,000 staff in its 920 grocery stores.

The increase in planning for Aldi was likely influenced by favourable annual results which showed a 10.2% increase in sales in the UK and Ireland, rising to £13.5bn in the year that ended in December, which was an increase of £12.3bn from the year prior. The increase in sales did not lead to an increase in profits, which fell 2.5% to a total of £264.8m, a result heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and a need to ensure that prices remained low on it’s main stock, food.

The increase in sales also enabled Aldi to repay the business rate relief which it, along with Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s have pledged to repay, being aid to assist in surviving the Covid-19 crisis.

The exact amount that Aldi have so far been able to repay is not known. However, it has stated it’s intention to return more than £100m to the UK authorities and other parties.

Speaking of this Giles Hurley, the chief executive of Aldi UK and Ireland, said:

“While the cost of responding to the pandemic dampened profits, our decision to return business rate relief was the right thing to do”

How This News Affects You

As a London consumer, this news is great for you in two ways. Firstly, although recent reports show that there are around 2 million available jobs in the UK, Aldi’s plans will ensure that if you are looking for employment, that your options are wide and varied.

Secondly, Aldi has attempted to increase it’s market share in the UK, thereby making household budget savings more available to greater sections of the UK. This comes at a time when low volumes of fuel and other products threaten to stretch most household budgets in the coming winter months.

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