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With 3 top English Football Teams battling it out for the Carabao Cup, Rio Ferdinand has decided who he thinks will win.

The one thing that is certain is that the final will be red v blue, with either the red of Arsenal or Liverpool coming against the blue of Chelsea.


Who Will Chelsea face?

At the moment, and despite a 0-0 score from the first leg, Liverpool are favourites to go through to the final against Chelsea. Why?

With Xhaka picking up another red card, and Arsenal so far inactive in the transfer market, they are woefully short of options for the centre of the park. Even if the Gunners sign someone now, having a new player full integrated by this Friday is at best a remote possibility.

Therefore, whilst the Gunners will have a home advantage, they are ill prepared to face a competitor of Liverpool’s calibre. For Arsenal fans, the only chance the Gunners have is if you turn the Emirates stadium into a cauldron! Come on you Gunners!

Rio Ferdinand’s Prediction


Chelsea, on the other hand, are well prepared for the final. They have already overcome Aston Villa, Southampton, Brentford and Tottenham, beating Spurs home and away in the semi-finals.

With regard to Ferdinand, he thinks that it doesn’t matter which ‘reds’ go through, Chelsea will lift the cup. Speaking on Vibe with Five, he said:


‘I think Chelsea will win it..I think Chelsea will win it, Chelsea know how to win cup competitions, they’ve got that about them…They won the Champions League, they’ve got the confidence, they know how to do it on the day, I see them doing it.’


Chelsea Putting Value On The Cup..


With Tuchel in charge of a club that demands success or shows you the door, he will need to build upon recent successes. Tuchel tipped his hat at this by saying:

‘I come from a club where it was very very important to win trophiesDefined itself for trophies. It is good that we are not shy to say we want to win it and we want to be in finals and want to win finals…This is what we find here and this makes us happy because we are all competitive and so we are giving our best and this is what the club demands from us and from there we go.’

Arsenal host Liverpool at the Emirates at 7.45pm on Thursday with the final to be battled out at Wembley on 27 February.


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