Roy Hodgson Would Make A Good Watford Manager But...

The name Roy Hodgson is etched into Football legends. The one-time England manager is remembered fondly for his contributions to Football on a national scale, but also for his heroics for Crystal Palace. The hot rumour is that Hodgson will soon, in fact imminently, replace sacked Watford boss Claudio Ranieri.

Would Roy Hodgson be a successful manager at Watford? Yes and No. Let’s look at both sides of the coin and find out why Roy Hodgson would make a great Watford manager but for only one reason.


Relegation Fears – The Hodgson Factor


Why would the Pozzo family turn to a 74 year old manager, who arguably would enjoy retirement more by playing gold, or walking pet dogs? The simple one word explanation is relegation.

Under the now sacked Ranieri the threat of relegation was starting to loom, and loom tall. Perhaps it was felt that there was little left in the Ranieri tank to stop the slide. That is not the case with Hodgson…whereas Ranieri is famed for delivering the title to Leicester, Hodgson is famed for saving Crystal Palace from relegation.

When Hodgson took over the reins at Palace on 12 September 2017, they were floundering. However, under his tenure, the threat of relegation was replaced with something else, what was it? Listen to the tribute that Steve Parish gave him when he left, and the answer is clear:


“His record with us simply cannot be overstated – he is the only Palace manager to secure four years in the Premier League and he has helped give us stability in the most turbulent of times,”


Not only did Hodgson help the Eagles avoid the drop, he also ushered them into a new era of stability, becoming Premier League regulars instead of bit part entertainers. And this is the kind of solid, dependable character that the Pozzo family need at Watford.

What Hodgson would bring to the Palace job, even if the initial appointment is 6 months, is exactly what the Pozzo family needs right now….stability. This quality though, is also an interesting concession from the Pozzo family. How so?



The Hodgson Factor – A More Modest Ambition


Whilst it is undoubted that Hodgson has achieved success, that success has been more related to longevity than glory.

Even with England, who achieved a win ratio of 58.9% under his tenure, it wasn’t all beer and skittles. This is how Wikipedia summed up his participation in England’s World Cup campaign:


Under Hodgson, England dropped to 20th in the FIFA World Rankings, their worst position since May 1996


But, maybe that was just an aberration, a glitch in an otherwise stellar career? Well, take for instance his record at Crystal Palace. Parish said that ‘his record with us simply cannot be overstated’. And, that is true….if you are referring to stability.

However, his win ratio at Crystal Palace offers a different view of his job there. Under Roy Hodgson, Crystal Palace achieved a win ratio of 33.3%…an unimpressive figure to be sure.

And, when you combine Hodgson’s record with England with the win ratio at Palace, a new definition of success emerges. Hodgson is probably not the right man for glory. He is not being appointed to win the title with Watford, he is only being appointed to help the club survive relegation.

This readjustment of ambition is a humble admission by the Pozzo family, who possibly though that ‘The Tinker Man’ could build a foundation for success at Watford, the way he did at Leicester. It would appear that the family recognises that Watford won’t be title contenders for the foreseeable future, and that survival, to remain in the Premier League, is a worthy goal in itself…hence the appointment of Hodgson.


Roy excels at what he does, fight to the end. Hodgson has the maturity at 74 years of age to not live in fantasy. He knows what Watford needs, another dose of his Palace magic.


Should Watford appoint Roy Hodgson, then it would be the best possible choice as far as we are concerned. Why?

If Roy can’t stop the drop, it is unlikely any other manager could have either. It is also a refocus by the Pozzo family, who have sacked 3 managers in around a year in the search for success. This refocus will also bring stability to the club by not sacking a manager who can’t emulate their dreams. Thus, when you have the owning family becoming more stable in the way they oversee the club, and you have a manager whose main attribute is survival, then Watford can achieve their new focus….


Being Permanent And Stable Members Of The English Premier League



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