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Simon Cowell has quickly reacted to concerns after his second horror bike smash, remarking that he’s ‘a bit of a nutter’ after reports said that he was ‘lucky to be alive’.

The 62-year-old has at least bowed to concerns, stating that he will wear a helmet, after the 2nd, and latest crash left him with a broken arm.

In an interview to the Mail Online, Cowell said:


‘I’m OK. I’m feeling much better thank you. It happened just round the corner…I’m a bit of a nutter. I’ll definitely wear a helmet next time.’




With this being the second time the Britain’s Got Talent star has had an accident on his electric bike – only a year and a half since he broke his back on the first fall.

According to The Sun.  the star skidded his bike whilst travelling at 20 mph, then flipped over the handlebars and finally landing in the middle of the road,


With the original fall resulting in a broken back, Simon got off comparatively better this time, with this fall seeing Simon receive facial cuts, a concussion, and a fractured arm.

According to those present at the accident, his face was bloodied, and many onlookers gathered around him and offered assistance after his bike slipped on a wet patch whilst driving.

In a sign of his improvement, Simon was seen out and about with his fiancee Lauren Silverman, wearing a bright green cast showing a signature by his son Eric. Eric signed his name in black, and placed his signature next to images of the family’s dogs Diddly and Squiddly.

The celebrity is however, not likely to ditch the bike, to Lauren’s dismay.

According to The Sun, a source said:


‘Simon is as stubborn as a mule. He won’t give up his precious E bikes for love nor money….He actually had his bike accident when Lauren was in New York – the poor thing was obviously beside herself with worry…She’d rather him not ride again, clearly, but there’s no use telling Simon Cowell what to do…The compromise is that he will ride only when wearing a helmet. He’s lucky to be alive and shouldn’t push his luck.’




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