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According to several media outlets, reality TV legend Simon Cowell is reportedly ‘lucky to be alive’ after a second bike crash in only a year and a half

According to the Sun, and Metro.co.uk, Simon Cowell was reportedly taken to hospital following another e-bike crash, with the star ‘lucky to be alive’.


What Injuries Did Simon Cowell Suffer?


According to the report, the X Factor star was admitted to hospital with injuries including suspected concussion and a fractured arm after crashing his bike in West London. This crash follows only 18 months after his previous crash in Los Angeles.

A source to the Sun said:


‘Simon is lucky to be alive….He was pedalling along, with his electric motor on, when the wheels suddenly went from under him after hitting a wet patch…He slipped and went flying over the handlebars into the middle of the road.’



Is It Time To End The Bike Rides?


With two significant accidents in under two years, calls have been made for Cowell to ditch the bike rides. However, according to the same report, Simon Cowell has no intention of doing this.

Cowell told Terri Seymour on ExtraTV:


‘My most creative time is now when I cycle, because I cycle even though it’s an e-bike. I still got to pedal and I do about ten miles a day, even though I had an accident on one….That was more an electric motorbike, these are called pedal-assist bikes and they’re brilliant…That expression “get back on your bike,” with me, it was literal. I feel better than I did because I exercise so much more…Honestly, if I could rewind, I would have gone through the whole thing again. Just because I feel better now. Yeah, even though it hurt like hell at the time.’



Apparently, Simon Cowell has been now discharged from hospital, and according to a source, is already recuperating at home. So, the hit TV star lives to cycle another day!


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