Crystal Palace 3 – Tottenham Hotspur 0

Well, who would have thought that the headline would be ‘Spurs Picked Off By The Eagles’? Other than Patrick Vieira..and possibly the whole Palace Team!

Nuno Espirito Santo’s Spurs had their unbeaten start to the Premier League come crashing to an end, against former Arsenal midfielder Vieira’s Eagles.

It would be hard to argue with the result, with Tottenham having possession in the 30’s, and with a red card for Tanganga, whose second yellow was worryingly soon after his first…a possible need for stress management if his career is to kick on.

A Game For Debutants – But Only One Winner As Spurs Picked Off By The Eagles

With several high profile debutants, on both teams, it was always going to be interesting to see who adapted the quickest to the cauldron that is the Premier League. However, one candidate came out clearly on top, who was it?

Whilst Emerson made a competent debut in the Spurs defence, and Olise, a 19 year old Championship recruit for Palace, impressed on debut..only one debutant came into the EPL as though he had been there for years.

That debutant was Edouard. The former Celtic striker scored after 27 seconds. slotting home after being left virtually unmarked in the box. However, he wasn’t done yet! Just a couple of minutes later, he slotted home as Lloris failed to stop his shot with one hand, when two hands may have done the job.

Whilst it was a game where Edouard crashed his way into the Premier League, the efforts of Zaha, a consistent performer for Palace, should also be recognised. Zaha scored from the penalty spot, his first goal against Spurs in around 13 appearances. However, his assist for Edouard got the new Palace striker off the mark.

What The Result Says For Spurs

Of course, not too much can be inferred by Spurs loss away here.

Whilst Spurs fans may have dreamed of a title challenge, it was just that a dream. However, their impressive start to the season should still be applauded, it heralds the end of a couple of turbulent years for the North London team.

Nuno Espirito Santo, whilst not a manager with a World beating win percentage, is still the manager who has proven to outperform. His ability to extract the best from his teams is something that Spurs desperately need, a never say die attitude.

Clearly Spurs, without having the strongest squad in the EPL, still have a squad that is talented and loaded with potential. This result, whilst a loss of battle, is by no means the end of the war as far as this season is concerned.

European places will be hard, however Tottenham CAN achieve it if Nuno can continue to wring out every last ounce of effort from his squad.

Turning The Corner For Palace?

This home win, a first win of the season for Palace, is an emphatic win for Vieira. Getting your first win as manager will surely settle his nerves.

However, Palace are not likely European contenders this season. Their squad, whilst efficient, lacks the massive investment that their rivals can boast of. Despite this, Palace are capable of finishing in the top half of the table…a worthy goal for Vieira and Palace for the season.

It is great for Palace’s future that 19 year old Olise looked comfortable in his first appearance, and that Edouard scored a brace on debut. However, Palace will be competitive this season…without being title threateners.

So, a game that seemed a little stale with a 0-0 half time score, ended with a bang for both teams.

Onto the next one boys!

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