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One of the most persistent transfer rumours of this window has been whether Dušan Vlahović will sign for Arsenal.

Various reasons have emerged as to why he might not sign, including agents fees, reputation of the club, and….money.

However, in an interview live on air with Dharmesh Sheth, the two main reasons, allegedly, as to why the transfer is being held up have been revealed.


What Did Dharmesh Sheth Reveal?


In the Transfer Show on Sky Sports, Sheth had this to say about as to why the striker has not yet put pen to paper on an Arsenal deal, despite the Fiorentina hierarchy urging him to make a decision:

“Dušan Vlahović is a name that just won’t go away…We know that Arsenal have an interest in Dušan Vlahović…I spoke to my colleagues in Sky in Italy and the feeling they are getting is that Fiorentina would be open to a deal in this January transfer window…But it’s the player, and his representatives, that perhaps want to take a step back and reassess all of his options come the summer…Another factor he will take into account is the coach. That’s very, very important to him. He wants to know who will be coaching him, as well as the club he will be joining. That will be a factor in him joining as well.”


So, despite the fact that Fiorentina are open to a deal, the feelings and concerns of Dušan Vlahović appear to be the main reason why nothing has happened so far.

It appears that despite the fact that Edu et al have probably doing personal calls etc to convince the striker to join the Gunners, they have failed to address 2 key concerns that he has. What are they?

In order to be convinced about joining the Gunners, Dušan Vlahović will need persuasion in 2 key areas, they are:


  • He wants to take his time – make a decision in the summer
  • The coach – who will be the coach, what reputation does the coach have?

The first factor is one that Fiorentina will want a speedy conclusion to. The owners have expressed dismay already as to the effect that the uncertainty is having. As such, waiting until the summer is not ideal.

The second factor is one that is firmly in the hands of Arsenal FC. Can Edu and Arteta convince Dušan Vlahović that Arteta has the skills, and experience, to help him achieve a career of fulfilment instead of lost dreams? Is Arteta sufficiently ambitious to match what Dušan Vlahović wants to achieve in his short career?

The fact that no signing has been completed so far means that the Arsenal transfer team still has much work to finalise. However, the question should really be: Do Arsenal really want a player whose feelings are more important than those of the squad and club? Can they accomodate the self interest of a player, no matter how prolific he is?


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