The Dropped Kick-Off 47 – Nearly As Lengthy As The Beer Line

The Dropped Kick-Off is again to speak Tremendous Rugby, the Wallaroos and handing out extra devilish hottakes. Nick H takes the wheel and hosts Jack and Natho, like U2 enjoying with out Adam Clayton.

With the Rugby World Cups for 2027 and 2029 being introduced at this time as effectively, contemplate it hype pod.

The Scorching Matters:

  1. What caught our eye through the Tremendous Rugby?
  2. What are our ideas on the Wallaroos performances?
  3. The bulletins of the Rugby World Cup?
  4. What occurred during the last week of Tremendous Rugby?
  5. What are our ideas on the groups for this weekend?
  6. Outlandish predictions and hottakes.


Author: Londonlad

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