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With hyper-inflated prices in the Football players market, it is clear to all that massive amounts of money are simply being wasted. And so, Antonio Conte has revealed a ‘home truth’ that all Premier League Clubs should take to heart.

With Arsenal releasing, or terminating contracts of, 100 million plus worth of players, it is clear that they have made many mistakes in the transfer market, but what about Tottenham Hotspur, whose spending has been considerably less than some of their illustrious rivals? This is what Conte had to say.


A Home Truth From Antonio Conte That Might Finally Make Tottenham A Force Once Again


In an interview that was reprinted on Metro, Antonio Conte, usually known for his candour, had this to say:


‘For sure, it was strange to send out on loan [three players] and sell one player in January because it means maybe something wrong happened in the past…It was strange to send out for players in January, it means in the past you have to see what you did and maybe understand there were some mistakes in the past…Usually you have to buy players to reinforce your team, but if you send away on loan players who you bought in the last two or three years it means something went wrong in the past…Honestly, before I arrived at Tottenham and read the squad list and see the players in the squad, yes, important players. We paid a lot for Ndombele, and it was the game for Lo Celso, it was the same for Gil…Then only when you stay in the situation you understand very well the best solution for the club and the players…For sure, to lose four players in January is not normal. Then the decision we shared with the club, with the players, but it means something wrong happened in the past…Usually you buy the players to reinforce your team, not to lose the player after one, two or three years. For this reason we have to pay more attention in the future when we go in the market about the choice of players.



Tottenham have flirted with ambition in the Premier League, only to usually end up in the top middle of the table. After spending north of 50 million pounds for Ndombele, plus tens of millions for others, Tottenham should have improved..however, the sacking of Poch, Mourinho, and the current appointment of Conte show that the signings they have made have not improved them substantially.


Changing The Club Through Effective Transfers


Conte’s opinion is refreshing. Admitting that the club have had the wrong transfer strategy is a brave and welcome thing to do. And, Tottenham are not alone in this..remember Arsenal’s contract extensions for Ozil and Aubameyang? They didn’t work out too well either, and a massive change in recruitment has now taken place at Tottenham’s North London rivals.

Conte is calling for something similar at Spurs. His words ‘ we have to pay more attention’ show that if Antonio Conte is to stay at Tottenham, his vision for a future Spurs team will not only need to be taken seriously by the board, but implemented quickly.

The Covid crisis has seen revenues shrink, so a wake up call of this type is something that all Premier League clubs must pay attention to. Gone are the days of simply going for the most talented..and expensive players. What is needed now is proper placement..choosing the player that strengthens the team, fills a hole in the squad, and fits like ‘hand to glove’ for a specific need.


Congratulations Antonio Conte for your astute observation! Let’s hope all Premier League clubs are listening….

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