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The Masked Singer UK fans have a theory…Firework is Lacey Turner! But why draw that conclusion? Let’s look more in depth at why many believe this to be so.

With Poodle the 5th contestant to be given their marching orders on the hit ITV show, unmasked as Tom Chaplin, Keane’s lead singer, attention was taken away from an earlier event that got tongues wagging…What was it?


The Wow Factor! That Lit Fireworks


Prior to the Poodle walk, Firework impressed judges Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan, Rita Ora, and of course, Jonathan Ross, with an excellent performance of the hit Robbie Wiliams and Kyle Minogue hit, Kids. However, whilst the attention was on the performance, the VT also revealed some informative clues that got viewers tongues wagging…clues that could potentially reveal the identity of the celebrity.

The hot tip is that the celebrity is Stacey Slater(aka Lacey) from the hit BBC soap Eastenders..why?

Here’s The Thinking..You Be The Judge!


When someone walks past a block with ALBTRE on it, you know something’s up. But what?

Unscramble the letters, and you have Albert, or more precisely, a reference to Albert Square, the famed location of the soap.

It’s hard to imagine that ALBTRE could refer to anything else. So, if it is a reference to EastEnders, why can we assume that it is Lacey?

Well, another not so subtle hint is that Firework was seen hanging fox emblazoned socks on a washing line. Of course, every image has a meaning, so why a fox?

Because, along with husband Matt Kay, Lacey gave birth to a son who is called Trilby Fox Kay!

And, to add more fuel to the fire, the character dropped a clue when they mentioned that they were known to rhyme.

Likely, it didn’t mean that the Firework is a rapper, but more importantly, that Lacey rhymes with Stacey! A rhyme indeed!


Viewers Agree…

Of course, avid fans of the show have their theories, and their are many! However, Lacey is one of the more popular choices, with Tweets like this definitively stating the fact:


The Masked Singer - Firework


But what are your thoughts as to the real identity of Firework? Drop us a line and let us know!!




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