Stan Collymore has laid into West Ham fans for their celebrating the their Carabao Cup win against Manchester City earlier this week.

David Moyes and his men overcame the odds to book their place in the quarter-finals of the competition following a tense penalty shoot-out.

It’s been an amazing start this season for the Hammers, who are currently sitting atop their Europa League group with a 100 per cent record, and are currently in the Premier League and, now, into the last eight in the cup competition.

Despite this, Collymore takes issue with West Ham fans celebrating for an unknown reason and instead has opted to make mention of the discontent shown towards owners David Sullivan and David Gold. Collymore told The People[Octiber 31, page 56]:

“To hear West Ham fans celebrating you would think they had won the Champions League,” Collymore wrote in the print edition of The People…They’re all over the radio and piping up everywhere, but perhaps they do need reminding that what they’ve actually done is clinch a place in the last eight of the Carabao Cup…Seriously, come on. I’m a big fan of what they have achieved and what they are doing right now…And, yes it was Manchester City etc, etc, but let’s not get too hysterical just yet. There’s such a sense of excitement around the place at the moment that you could almost be fooled into thinking everything was rosy down at the London Stadium…It’s not. Everybody knows it’s not. No one is kidded by the fact that even the protestors who want the board out are a little muted at the moment…But it’s a time bomb. Like a household where the couple can’t stand each other but put up a facade, knowing it could kick off at any time…Those who want David Gold and David Sullivan out haven’t gone away and, to be honest, util they are persuaded to go, I think West Ham will struggle to get to the next stage.”

Let Sleeping Does Lie Stan...

Maybe with another club Collymore’s response would be less….passionate.

Celebrating the victory of your club is part of Football culture…and the game would be sterile without it.

And is there a less impressive reason to celebrate? – they just knocked Manchester City out of the Carabao Cup and have a real chance of winning a trophy this season.

The Hammers are thriving under Moyes…is that not a great reason to celebrate?…

No one is saying West Ham are going to win the English Premier League and even winning the Carabao Cup and Europa League is far from a certainty.

Moyes is working magic at the Hammers and guess what, Stan? It’s a timely boost following the last year or so.

What happens in the board room right now doesn’t affect the fan in the stands, they are just happy to have something to celebrate.

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