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With a massive surge in Omicron inspired Covid cases in the UK, records have fallen…

December 25 showed a whopping 113,628 positive cases, a new daily record for the UK in a 24 hour period. However, despite this, the authorities refused to immediately increase restrictions…why? Because, despite the record figures, there is some good news.

Infections Rising But…

First of all, despite the massive increase in infections in the London and the UK, numbers of those who die from Covid and hospitalisations in general, have only shown more modest increases.

The likelihood is that, as previously reported, Covid variant Omicron is a milder variant than the Delta variant, meaning that despite increase likelihood of contracting it, it is far less likely to cause severe illness or death. As such, should it become the dominant strain it would likely decrease the death rate from Covid, meaning that it is more easily classified as a disease ‘to live alongside’.

More Positive News…

In further good news, it appears that, at least for now, that the peak..and it was a massive peak…in infections may be now trending down.

If you take the 3 day figures for positive cases, there were a further 113,628 Covid cases across Britain on Christmas Day, 108,893 on Boxing Day and 98,515 over the last day.

Should this trend continue, then it would appear that the Omicron variant will quickly wash through the community at large. Even with 113k cases on 25 December, that figure was likely much higher. This means that Omicron may be a ‘variant of concern’ for a much shorter period than, say for instance, the Delta variant, and hence why the authorities are willing to hold off on increasing restrictions in a kind of ‘wait and see’ policy.

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