Peter Crouch and Joe Cole have pointed the finger at Virgil van Dijk, saying that his error led to the Atletico Madrid’s second goal, even though the Liverpool former European Champions eventually triumphed 3-2.

Van Dijk an expensive, but massive addition to the heart of Liverpool’s defence has returned after missing most of last season due to a crippling knee injury, which was received during the Merseyside derby in October of last year.

Despite the pointed fingers today, van Dijk has strengthened the Reds defence, only conceding a miserly six goals in 8 EPL games this season. This return makes Liverpool’s defence the fourth most efficient so far in the English Premier League this year.

However, recent results were not enough to prevent criticism when Antoine Griezmann scored his second goal of the night. The French international showed exceptional composure, receiving an excellent pass from Joao Felix, taking one touch, then beating Alisson Becker, the Liverpool keeper.

Pundits, and Premier League legends Crouch and Cole criticised the role van Dijk played, saying that he could have denied Griezmann the space that he needed.

Crouch said on BT Sport:

‘Van Dijk’s body position defensively. It’s difficult to criticise van Dijk but if he faces up there the touch doesn’t deceive him from Griezmann, but he goes back to goal, turns fall circle there and that completely kills him’

Joe Cole offered a similar appraisal, saying:

‘He just got it wrong here, it’s difficult to criticise him as he’s been a Rolls Royce of a centre-half for years but there was a couple moments tonight where I think he was a little bit off it, I still think he’s the best centre-half in the league but he just had an off night,’

Even though fingers where pointed at Van Dijk, Liverpool eventually won a thrilling encounter, with on fire striker Mo Salah bagging two more to his impressive totals.

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Atletico Denied…

Diego Simeone must have thought that Atletico would at least come away with a point after a penalty was given when Diogo Jota barged into Jose Gimenez.

However, referee Daniel Siebert, after initially giving the penalty, was forced to overturn the decision when VAR became involved.

Given the action of the last few minutes of this exciting fixture, the farewell between Klopp and Simeone was not as cordial as it might otherwise have been. Despite this, the Reds are now top of Group B in the Champions League…with a perfect start to the campaign!

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