Rising after many decades, Japanese World War 2 ships have arrived back at shore..courtesy of volcanic tremors!

The last time these ships were seen was doing the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945, when they were sunk..with no prospect of ever being seen again! However, those prospects have now turned out to be incorrect.

A staggering 24 transport vessels have now reappeared on shore, with satellite images confirming their return..The images, which are available on Al Nippon news, show the fleet once again having returned to shore.

Why did they return now? Recent volcanic activity from Mount Suribachi off the western end of Iwo Jima Island is the culprit. However, despite the belated return of the fleet, there could be some bad news in this good news.

A Warning Ahead?

The fleet, which had come to rest on a layer of volcanic ash, was shifted because of volcanic activity..activity that is not typical.

This is a concern because the increased activity can sometimes preview an eruption which is about to occur. According to Setsuya Nakada, who works at the Volcano Research Promotion Centre:

‘The discoloured sea area has spread to surrounding areas, which indicates that the volcanic activity has not diminished yet…There is a possibility of a big eruption on Iwo Jima.’

Why they were there…

It might seem unusual for such a large number of ships to be grouped together…and sunk together. However, one of the tactics that the Japanese used during the war, was to use transport vessels to make a ‘breakwater’, a design that is supposed to protect harbours from waves, allowing troops and weapons to unload safely from other vessels.

With the grouping providing protection for other vessels, it also had the effect of leaving them vulnerable to attack, which in turn, caused their sinking into their permanent resting place…until now.

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