"We're very concerned.."

With reports that Omicron is only a mild disease, and the WHO saying that there have been no reported deaths from the new variant at this point, it would be easy to dismiss the Omicron strain as overblown, and over hyped. But, is that the case?

The Sum is the total of all the parts…

In itself, Omicron whilst showing signs of increased transmissability, has proven to be not at all serious. So, why have nations shut borders, and predictions of fear and doom been so prevalent? Is it because we fear that a return to lockdowns could soon return, leaving the economy in ruins?

On it’s own merit, there seems to be little to fear from Omicron, aside from it’s potential to become the dominant Covid strain around the Globe. But, there is more to the story.

Indeed, as a house is a collection of bricks, Covid-19 is a hat tip to other strains and variants that have gone before. And, whilst Omicron is just a variant of previous strains, and not a new disease, could it be laying a brick on which future strains could be built?

What The Westmead Institute’s Centre for Virus Research in Sydney Has Flagged…

Now it is time to cue Sarah Palmer who works at The Westmead Institute’s Centre for Virus Research in Sydney. Her institute has been researching the new variant, and how it could affect recent recoveries from Delta et al.

According to Palmer:

“We’re very, very concerned…..It indicates that possibly we could see that variants can recombine and if somebody is infected with two variants there could be a recombination that could lead to a more pathogenic and infectious virus.” 


So, in plain speak, what is Palmer saying? Simply that whilst there is little to indicate that Omicron is anymore than an infectious and mild disease, that it could spell greater problems down the track.

If the only strain was Omicron, then, according to Pamer’s assertion, there would be little to fear..unfortunately, this is not the case.

Palmer has flagged that if Omicron was to combine with any of the other existing and circulating variants, then it could create something far more dangerous.

On the whole, Covid has not ranked in the ‘super leagues’ of viruses, with ‘Spanish Flu’ and Ebola some of the most dangerous.

Even with a death toll in the millions, the mortality rate is nowhere near the big players in the virus table. But, that could potentially change.

If the assertions are correct, then Omicron could potentially combine and create a new ‘monster’, something that would deal a death blow to recovery, and send death rates soaring.

According to Palmer, “we’re very concerned”, as are those of us who hope to regain a semblance of normal life again, anytime soon.

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