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West Ham United - Essential Facts
West Ham United – Essential Facts

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West Ham United Football Club
Essential Facts
Home Grounds
Fundamental Trophies
Club History
Club Timeline

West Ham United Football Club

West Ham United Soccer Club is a Premier League club, Stratford-based. West Ham positions eleventh in ubiquity out of the 20 soccer clubs that make up the English Premier League.

Essential Facts

West Ham United Football Club is ordinarily known either by its complete name or as ‘West Ham’, however it is likewise known by its monikers: The Hammers and The Irons.

West Ham was established in 1895, on the 25th of June, in spite of the fact that it was called Thames Ironworks at that point. It was then settled in 1900 as West Ham United.

The club’s primary playing ground is London Stadium, where the group plays in light blue and maroon tones.

West Ham United is co-claimed by David Gold, David Sullivan, and Albert Smith, notwithstanding different financial backers. The club is overseen by David Moyes.

Home Grounds

Since the commencement of West Ham United, the club has played across 5 diverse home grounds.

At the point when the club was as yet called Thames Ironworks, the group played at an arena on Hermit Road in 1895. The club then, at that point, moved to an arena on Browning Road in 1897. In the long run, West Ham (then, at that point, known as The Hammers) settled at the Memorial Grounds.

In 1904, West Ham United took on The Boleyn Ground (Upton Park) as their new arena, where they remained until 2016, at which time the club moved to London Stadium. London Stadium stays West Ham’s home ground today.

Fundamental Trophies

The fundamental trophies won by West Ham to date are as per the following:

  • 1964 – The F.A. Cup
  • 1965 – The European Cup Winners Cup
  • 1975 – The F.A. Cup
  • 1980 – The F.A. Cup

Club History

As we referenced above, West Ham United was shaped in 1895 and was then known as the Thames Ironworks club. The group, right now, was illustrative of the Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Company Ltd., henceforth the club’s previous name.

West Ham was a beginner soccer club at that point, however, that would change in 1898 with the group’s joining into the Second Division of the Southern League.

Be that as it may, in 1900, West Ham United went through a change and became known as The Hammers.

Following 12 years, in 1919, The Hammers were fused into the Soccer League Second Division, performing admirably in general and getting like the finals of the F.A. Cup.

The Hammers, as West Ham United kept on being known, happened in 1923 to be elevated to the First Division. Be that as it may, albeit the club clutched its advancement for quite a long time, West Ham was at last consigned to the Second Division in 1932.

Fortunately, starting here, West Ham’s karma began to improve. The club proceeded to win the F.A. Cup in 1964 and got the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965. West Ham partook in another F.A Cup win in 1975, and in 1976, they arrived at the European Cup Winners’ Cup last, in spite of the fact that they lost the match to Anderlecht (Belgium) 2-4. West Ham immediately recuperated from the misfortune and proceeded to win the 1980 F.A. Cup Final in 1980.

This (for the most part) series of wins for West Ham finished in the group being elevated to the First Division in 1981 in the wake of going through almost 50 years revamping from the 1932 assignment. The club completed third in the Premier League for 1985 and 1986.

Shockingly, 8 years after their advancement, in 1989, the West Ham group was indeed consigned to the Second Division. This denoted the start of an arrangement of advancements and assignments somewhere in the range of 1989 and 1992.

In 1900, West Ham was advanced once more into the First Division yet was immediately consigned to the Second Division again in 1991. In any case, after a success against Cambridge United in 1992, the club recaptured its position in the Premier League the next year.

From that point forward, aside from transfers in 2003 and 2011, West Ham has stayed in the Premier League, albeit the danger of assignment has posed a potential threat over this club for quite a long time.

Fortunately for West Ham, the group figured out how to get a draw against Manchester United in 2020 and put sixth in qualifiers for the UEFA Europa League, 2021-2022.

Club Timeline

  • 1895 – West Ham novice group established as the Thames Ironworks
  • 1898 – In this year Thames Ironworks join the Southern League Second Division
  • 1900 – In this year Thames Ironworks change as The Hammers
  • 1901 – The Hammers set up as West Ham United
  • 1907 – In this year West Ham United named 1B and Overall Western League Champions
  • 1919 – West Ham joins the Second Division and arrives at F.A. Cup Finals
  • 1923 – Club elevated to the First Division
  • 1932 – West Ham United consigned to Second Division
  • 1965 – In this year European Cup Winners Cup win against 1860 Munich
  • 1975 – In this year F.A. Cup Final win against Fulham
  • 1980 – F.A. Cup Final wins against Arsenal
  • 1981 – In this year West Ham United Promoted to First Division
  • 1989 – Club consigned to Second Division
  • 1990 – West Ham elevated to First Division
  • 1991 – West Ham United consigned to Second Division
  • 1992 – Club elevated to First Division
  • 1993 – Promoted to Premier League
  • 1999 – EUFA Intertoto Cup wins
  • 2003 – Team consigned to Division One
  • 2004 – Promoted to Premier League
  • 2011 – Relegation to Football League Championship (previous Division One)
  • 2012 – Premier League advancement


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