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When Lukaku had his infamous interview, it was clear that Tuchel had to act.

However, every man and his dog had an opinion of exactly how Thomas Tuchel should handle Romelu Lukaku, rating from selling the star, to ignoring the interview. One pundit who offered his opinion..a strong opinion at that…was Garth Crooks.


No Doubt How Crooks Feels…


Garth Crooks is an upfront, and candid pundit. As someone with considerable experience himself, Crooks knows more about the out of sight politics of Football than most.

As such, there was unlikely to be much doubt that Crooks would have a definite stand in the Tuchel/Lukaku affair. This is what he said toBBC Sport:


‘I said Thomas Tuchel would need Romelu Lukaku and so it is proving….The overzealous nonsense by the Chelsea manager in sanctioning the Belgium striker after he fell for the flattery of an interviewer in Italy almost cost Tuchel and the club….Instead Lukaku apologised when other strikers of similar calibre might have put two fingers up to the manager and made for the exit….All credit to Lukaku, who has knuckled down and worked his way back to form with regular appearances, which is all the £97.5m player wanted in the first place….Lukaku led the line brilliantly against Palmeiras and was instrumental in Chelsea winning the Club World Cup for the first time in their history. Not a bad return.’


Not A Bad Return In More Ways Than One…


When Crooks says ‘not a bad return’ with regard to Lukaku, he could well be applying that in two ways.

Firstly, it is not a bad return after the incident with the interview. Secondly, it is not a bad return on the money Chelsea have invested in buying him, since he has now gotten into double figures for goals this season.

Despite a rocky patch, Chelsea legend Drogba, thinks that Lukaku can kick on from here. He said:


‘He took his responsibility to talk and put a bit more pressure on himself and delivered tonight, scoring an important goal…Every player always has something to prove and will always want to do better but he scored the goal to give us the lead and I’m happy with this performance.’


All credit to Lukaku..and Thomas Tuchel…for managing to overcome a sticky situation that could have ended far worse.

There is no doubt that Romelu Lukaku is a quality player, and hopefully we’ll now see the best of him…again.

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