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It is no secret that Arsenal needed midfield reinforcements during the January transfer window, but signed no one. Now, in an interview posted on the BBC, Bruno Guimaraes has told of the reason why he chose Newcastle over Arsenal.


Bruno Guimaraes Knows The Risks


Before we get to the main reason why Bruno Guimaraes chose Newcastle over Arsenal, some feel that joining a club in a relegation battle is very risky. After all, if Newcastle are relegated, it is possible that the talented midfielder could be playing in the Championship.

Bruno Guimaraes is under no illusions as to this risk, this is what he said:


“They were very up front and honest about it…They didn’t disguise that the main objective and challenge was remaining in the Premier League this season.”

So, it is clear that Bruno Guimaraes has no illusions as to what the future could possibly bring. So, why choose a relegation threatened club? Clearly, Newcastle have owners who are willing to risk their own cash in the hope of a massive return on investment. After all, they not only brought Bruno Guimaraes, but Trippier and others.

Obviously, when you are a consortium with massive reserves of cash, you will protect your investment by adding more funds as needed..and the Newcastle owners have done this.

Despite that, there is yet another clear reason why Bruno Guimaraes chose Newcastle over Arsenal FC, what is it?



When being sold the pitch from whoever contacted him, Bruno Guimaraes bought into the vision.

He is sold on the Newcastle plan, and believes that with the right oversight, they can be more of a challenge to the status quo than Arsenal can. This is what he had to say on the matter:



“This is a club that is going to be a big power in world football…in the seasons coming, the objective is to be in the Champions League and eventually to win the Champions League.”



But, you ask, didn’t Arteta sell the same plan to Willian in order to get him to join? The answer is yes. So, why can a relegation threatened club sell this vision to Guimaraes and Arsenal cannot?

Newcastle have shown tremendous ambition to sell their project for immediate effect. Arsenal have a project that will require ‘several transfer windows’, plus the emphasis is on the future..building a youthful squad, albeit very promising.

Arsenal may have an ambitious goal, but the fact that Guimaraes and Vlahovic didn’t buy into it means that they may need new Sales Representatives!


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