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Arsenal are experts at last minute panic buys. However, one rumour has emerged, with some evidence, that a last minute buy might be about to happen..one that can hardly fit as a ‘panic buy’. Who it? Alexander Isak


Why Arsenal Want Alexander Isak..


With the exile of Aubameyang, and the soon to conclude contracts of Lacazette and Nketiah, Arsenal are short of firepower.

Whilst it is no secret that the Gunners were after Vlahovic, and failed in that pursuit, he was by no means the only name on their Wishlist.

Alexander Isak has emerged as one of the top European talents, and with Arsenal’s policy of building a team around youth and energy, Isak fits the bill since he is only 22 years of age.

Strikers are generally thought to be in their prime from around 26, so Isak has plenty of room in which to develop, not that he is short of development already.

With 71 goals in 174 games for club, and 9 in 32 for country, it is easy to see what Isak will offer the Gunners, should they pull the trigger on this deal. Plus, at six foot 4 inches, Isak has an aerial threat that assist kings such as Odegaard and Smith Rowe, plus the energetic runs of Tierney and Tomiyasu will aim to target.

Isak is hot property right now, and even if Arsenal pay 40 or 50 million Euros for him, Arteta will wager that this is a fee that can likely increase should the club sell him on in the future.


What Are The Latest Developments?


Isak was reportedly in London over the last 24 hours or so. These are some of the headlines that the blogs and papers have run with:


Detective Arsenal fans share Alexander Isak transfer theory involving car and DVLA

  • Daily Star

‘It’s happening!’ – Arsenal fans excited for January transfer as Alexander Isak is ‘spotted

Alexander Isakspotted in London’ and ‘registers car in UK’ amid Arsenal transfer links


As you can see, the media has whipped itself in a frenzy of spotting ‘Isak’s’ Bentley in London, and his apparent unveiling during shopping and other excursions. Despite this, there could be any number of reasons as to why Isak is here..if he actually is here at all. So, whilst there appears some optimism on this front, caution should be advised at this point.

That is not to say though, that a transfer for Isak is unlikely.


Why The Transfer Could Happen…


Arsenal are under considerable pressure. The shipping out of large numbers of squad members from an already depleted squad is a matter that urgently needs rectifying. In addition, Arsenal’s scoring has dropped off substantially in recent times. And, Arsenal have a record of expensive January signings…..Aubameyang signed on January 31 2018.

As such, we feel that a striker is more likely than not to sign for the Gunners in the last day or so. And, since Arteta has already said that he will only sign players who improve the squad, Isak would be a logical choice.

Arsenal are are at the crossroads of success or failure. The ‘Isak’ deal is not done yet, but if Arsenal are to make a success of this season, this kind of signing must be completed…urgently.



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