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With Everton without a permanent managerial candidate appointed at this stage, all sorts of names have been put forward for the position. Whilst some of the names are clearly no more than pure fantasy, what is the position of the so-called ‘special one’, Jose Mourinho?

Here’s what Jose Mourinho said about the possibility of taking the Everton job.


What About Roberto Martinez?


Everton are once again searching for a new manager after releasing Rafa Benitez. Mourinho is one of several candidates being considered alongside Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Roberto Martinez and Fabio Cannavaro.


In terms of experience Everton could do worse than Roberto Martinez, who managed Everton for 143 matches. And, since becoming the Belgium National Coach, Martinez has gathered an outstanding win ratio of 75%! No wonder his name is once again thrown back into the hat.

However, whilst Martinez was a hot candidate, he seemingly won’t join since he is happy coaching Belgium. Why? Well, as mentioned his win ratio is 75%. Compare that with his win ratio at Everton, a much more modest 42.7%(source Wikipedia). So, the reason why Martinez is such a hot candidate at Belgium may evaporate should he re-join Everton….his win ratio was acceptable, but not outstanding. But, compare those club statistics with Mourinho.


Statistically Mourinho Does Much Better…


With Martinez’s club record being quite modest at 42.7%, Mourinho, who was sacked by Tottenham only a short while ago, does significantly better.

When Jose Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham, his win ratio for the club was nearly 25% better than that of Martinez, with a solid 51.16%(44 wins from 86). And yet, despite a more impressive win record, Mourinho found himself out of a job. Overall too, Mourinho’s win ratio at 63.45% is also better than Martinez at 44.2%.

Whilst the Everton hierarchy must love the fairytale of having Martinez return to a club he loves, statistically it may not be a sound move, even with his flourishing record at Belgium. This of course, leaves Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney. However, these managers have done a lot better with Championship teams than in the Premier League. And, again, with Rooney, it would be more of a sentimental appointment, a ‘boy came home’ type appointment.

So, of all the candidates, Mourinho would be the best non-emotional appointment. Whilst a claim that he is the ‘special one’ may relate more to the past than the present, he seemingly still has the numbers to help Everton shine. There is just one obstacle…..


Does Mourinho Want The Job?

So, with Mourinho being a sound choice for new Everton manager, does he actually want the job? Here is what he had to say:

‘In terms of emotion, passion, empathy, of being happy working with Roma, I say I am 11 out of 10…I am truly, very, very happy to be at a club where I feel the people trust me. I couldn’t be happier than this…In football terms, playing to finish between fourth and eighth place is obviously not what I want, but this is a moment of a different project for me and we will be better off next season…I won’t deny in the first half I did feel frustrated, as our performance was horrible.



So, at this point, there will be no ‘special’ appointment for Mourinho at Everton….guess it’s back to the drawing board!



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