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West Ham In Trouble After ‘Catgate’ with Kurt Zouma


It has not been a great week for West Ham media wise, after Kurt Zouma was filmed kicking and slapping his cat..only to play the very next match!

According to the Daily Mail, things won’t change though. West Ham, it is alleged, will stick to their guns, and include the 27 year old defender in their squad to face Leicester City on Sunday (13 February).


If Things Could Change Regarding Zouma…


Whilst it is being touted that Kurt Zouma appears to be in line for a spot v Leicester, that could change under one condition. If the cat, which is now apparently in the hands of the RSPCA, is found to be injured, then he will be left out, why?

According to West Ham, Zouma has already been sent on an animal awareness course by the club, and, after, being fined, is considered to have ‘done his time’, so to speak.

The outcry of the inclusion of Zouma to face Watford was deafening. However, Moyes apparently wanted him to be included so that he could “face the music” from the supporters [Daily Mail].



A ‘CatGateDecision That West Ham Will Hope Will Be Forgotten Soon…


Moyes appeared to be the only person who thought it right to start Zouma on Tuesday and it was no surprise to hear the boos whenever he was on the ball, since the opposition to his inclusion appeared almost universal.

Whilst Zouma put in a good shift, his performance on the night was the least concern of his at this point. Getting back onside with public opinion should be the priority, and playing so soon after the incident was an own goal in many ways.

Unless things settle down quickly, West Ham could find that including him could be a decision that they will not only regret, but that could lose one of their key assets…supporter power.

If the supporters don’t see the need to rally behind the Hammers because of Zouma, their season could have the wind taken out of it’s sails very quickly.

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