It is not normal to think of winter as a great time to grow vegetables. And, in the coldest of climates, that is near impossible. But, if you don’t live in an icebox, consider some vegetables that grow quick in Winter!

With the unpredictable nature of winter weather, you need fast growing vegetables that can be harvested in only a few weeks – Here are our recommended plants

Herbs – The great thing about herbs is that most are ‘pick ready’ from seedlings. So, what herbs are suitable for winter growing? Try Parsley, Dill, Chives, and Chervil. For hardier herbs to spice up your cooking, try some Rosemary, Mint and Thyme.

Lettuce – One family favourite that will be ready before you know it is Lettuce. Keep harvesting the newer leaves, this will give a better taste, and promote vigorous growth. The only time that is not suitable for Lettuce is the very coldest part of winter, otherwise they are great to grow!

Dwarf Beans – In a similar way to Lettuce, Dwarf Beans can be picked early. The benefit of this is that this promotes a better crop, and more vigorous flowering. You will likely be able to harvest Dwarf Beans in as little as 4-6 weeks from planting the seedlings. When it comes to Winter growth, only try this if you live where winters are warmer. 

Spinach – Spinach is an easy growing crop, and handles cooler weather. Keep the plants well watered, and you can be eating spinach in less than 2 months!

Arugula For a nice peppery taste in your salad, try the quick growing green, Arugula. You can be eating it in just over a month after planting the seeds!

Baby carrots are ideal since they don’t need as much time as mature carrots. In addition, with their smaller size, they lend themselves to growing in pots. They will be ready for your dinner table in around 2 months, and only are unsuitable for winter where significant frosts occur.

Radishes For an easy, and fast growing crop that is weather hardy, try Radishes! You can have this tolerant crop in as little as a month.

Bok Choy, a winter growing favourite of ours, takes only around a month to harvest. Even better is that it suits nearly all climates!

Kale – For the juicier younger greens of Kale, you can be harvesting in only 25 days. This all climate vegetable can also be grown to maturity and harvested in around 2 months.

Green onions are not the quickest if you want mature onions..taking 6 months to grow. However, if you are partial to the stalks of green onions, you only need around a month or less to harvest. They also suit most climates and make a great addition to your soup, or your stir fry.

Snow Peas / Peas – It may seem that peas are the experts at this niche, since they thrive in cooler climates. You can harvest peas in 2 – 3 months. One tip though, is to regularly pick the pods, this will stimulate the plants to produce more crop.

Cherry tomatoes – The tip with these tomatoes is to purchase seedlings that are already a little bit mature. This tip will allow you to pick luscious red tomatoes in only a few weeks. Although they don’t thrive in very cold areas, they are a great winter crop for warm temperate, and subtropical zones.



Watering Winter Vegetables in an exercise in balance. Not too much..not too little. Get it right, and you’ll be enjoying plump winter vegetables in no time!

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